That Dr Who gif set was the funniest thing I've seen in forever. Good Job!

awwn, thank you!

it wasn’t very original, but i’m glady a lot of whovians (and non whovians) could identify with the joke XD

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to madam-rosier:
Heyy, the day of your name has finally arrived! Should I put my armour on? -NN UAHSUAHS
I’m sorry for the gifset, it looked much better in my head (like everything that involves photoshop and me lol) but I tried and this will have to do q
Since we’re talking about the gifs I have a confession to make: I had to watch some videos with Tom Baker untill I find this one and I must say that he seems like a nice doctor; I don’t know why I said those things about him some time ago :\ (there! this is my gift to you) HAUSHAUSH
Now, let’s talk about the 3rd gif. You must be thinking “hm, Harry Potter -ok-, Tom Baker -ok-, OUAT -ok-, but who the fuck are these gay people?”. You will not be disappointed with the answer!
I had no ideia of what video to use to complete four (meh, I had some ideas… but all worse than this lol) so I remembered this song called Happy Birthday from a group that I was reaaaaaaaally obsessed with ~back in the day~ RS and it’s like the cutest thing everrr
japanese gay group singing happy birthday to you
that’s another gift to you :3 - but Yamapi and Ryo aren’t so hands eyes off of them E-E
I’m talking about everything except your birthday, hahaha
Hmm, we can go to ~Saint Firmin~ (lol) now \o/ it’s The Way but whatever q
So, enjoy your day and your majority - WITHOUT MODERATION, UHUUUL \o/ HAUSHASUA
I wish you happiness and etc etc *insert all the cliches here* and may the odds be ever in your favor!

happy birthday ~ <3
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Eddie Redmayne won The John and Wendy Trewin Award for best Shakespearean performance for his portrayal of King Richard II at the Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards.

“My New Year’s resolution is to stop reading reviews. The difference with film and TV is that if you do a piece, then it’s nine months later and the thing is reviewed and there is nothing you can do about it.
The problem with theatre is there is something you can do about it, so if you open your ears to everyone’s opinion, you are never going to please everyone.”

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Anonymous is probably just Moriarty with his iPhone 

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